Peppa Pig Crafts : Our House

After making Peppa Pig Puppets and Our Red Car we wanted to create their home. ( Click on the images or follow the link for those posts)


A while back I had drawn and cut this using construction paper and though my daughter loved it, she soon wanted something more. She would ask me where is peppa’s room and other questions along that line.


So we took out two cradboard boxes and worked on them to make a house. Almost all aspects of this house are hand made and that too by my daughter. It was a slow project that was done over a month.

We painted and played around with shapes and stickers to make pretty wall papers. For the outside walls I drew out rough peppa pig sketches that my daughter coloured.

Peppa pig and house and car

Peppa pig and house and car-001

Thanks to my daughters Aunt and Uncle(Attai and Attim) she now has the perfect furniture set to go inside.



And so here is our Peppa Pig Corner!



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