Peppa Pig Craft- Puppets from Printables

My daughter loves Peppa pig and though we ration her time watching that, I think she has picked up many things watching and playing with Peppa pig.

In the past we have drawn and made small puppets of the Peppa pig show characters, this week I decided to go about it a easier manner.  I complied these Peppa pig character printables from the internet. We then took printouts and cut them out and stuck them on cardboard. I went with black and white pictures as my daughter loves to paint and colour them herself. We used ice cream sticks to make the legs and viola , the entire cast is ready for play!

Peppa Pig Printables

IMG_0651 IMG_0647

IMG_0652  IMG_0656



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2 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Craft- Puppets from Printables

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