Paper Roll/tube Watches

Today we learnt the letter “W” in class and drew and coloured watches. Along with that we also discussed how watches look, what shapes they can be and what numbers they have etc. As we did all that, we made these really cool and simple watches.


1. Empty Paper Roll (Toilette roll or kitchen towel roll )
2. Used gift wrapper
3. A piece of string
4. Glue
6. Colour Pens

Cut the Paper Rolls into pieces and snip it as shown below.

Some used gift wrapping material

I cut them into strips and asked the kids to roll it around the paper roll pieces.
Make small slits on the two ends of the roll and insert a string as below.
Cut out circles. The kids then coloured the circles with crayons and then we wrote the numbers around it.
Here are our watches
The children were very pleased to wear them.

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