Pine cone peacock and owls

The other day when we were collecting leaves for our leafy fishes we also chanced upon some pine cones. My daughter found them really curious and we carried home a few of them. We had forgotten about them until this morning.

I had some party hats lying around at home and decided to use one of that to make the feathers of the peacock. We drew and cut out face and neck out of construction paper and my daughter enjoyed painting it. We even found a blue stone for the eye.

Once we had all the parts ready we just played around to find the perfect way to insert the party hat as feathers. The same went for the face and neck. Lastly, we found two bits of blue paper for the feet and there you are, your pine cone peacock is done.Yes, it is as easy as that and over in jiffy too.

 However our crafty needs were far from being fulfilled for the day. We decided to work on 2 owls. My daughter wanted us to make a baby owl and its mama. 
To start with we cut out two sets of large eyes and triangular noses. My daughter quite diligently painted.( She needed some help with eyes though) 
The next step was to cut semicircles for the wings and colour them.
After that, all we needed was a little bit of glue to bring it all together. Don’t they look just adorable? 
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