Top 3 crafts to do this week

Like always I want to appreciate and share some wonderful preschool crafts I found online.

1.This week I found Letter of the week Crafts by Crystal and co. You may have heard of them already because they are so amazing but if you have not and have a toddler or a preschooler at home, you have to visit this page.

They have so many activities listed our for every alphabet and have cute little rhyme too in the end.

2. Red Ted Art has these cute owls made out of Juice Cartons here. Don’t do you think they are awesome?

Juice Carton Crafts: Owl Bird Feeder

3. Lastly my daughter and I have always loved to play with vegetables and colours, like we did with our Lady’s Finger Vegetable Garden.  I found this Veggie printing and thought this is a must share as this is by far the easiest activity to assemble and most kids love the messy fun so much.

We are working on our next craft. So don’t forget to Like Preschool Projects on Facebook to follow us.


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